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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Happy Birthday, Hadley Rille Books!

We are in the middle of the first round of exams at Avila, so it has been a very busy week, and will be a busy week to come. In addition to that, my good friend Suzanne Hunt is coming to town this week for NASCAR with race car driver Leilani Munter. (And let me just say -- if there's one thing sexier than a woman in a race car, it's a woman in race car working to save the world. Check out Leilani Munter's web page!) As part of the NASCAR events, both Hunt and Munter will be working with Operation Free to promote energy independence for the United States. So this weekend I'm trying to move things off my desk as quickly as possible, in order to enjoy some fun at the races with my eco-minded friends and colleagues. 

All that to say, it's going to be a short post for the blog this week. But I do have several exciting announcements I want to share.

First, Kimberly Todd Wade's novel THRALL is now available from Hadley Rille Books -- just launched in hardback this weekend. Set in prehistory, at the dawn of individual awareness, this is the story of Hoolow, a boy who struggles with independent thoughts in a tribe bound together a collective consciousness. This is the latest volume in Hadley Rille's Archeology Series, a set of historical novels built on real-world archeological knowledge.

Also in Hadley Rille news: My publisher is celebrating its fifth anniversary! Happy Birthday Hadley Rille! HRB will be celebrating with a book sale, including special deals, prizes and events from here to the end of the year. Hadley Rille Books has many great novels and anthologies available in the genres of science fiction, historical fiction and fantasy. If you haven't yet checked out their collection, please do. I guarantee you will like what you find, and with all the promotions coming up, now is the time to buy.

Last but not least, here are the upcoming public events for October:

October 15-16, Longview Literary Festival at Longview Community College right here in Kansas City. My local writer's group, The Dead Horse Society, will be running a series of workshops on the craft of writing fiction and fantasy fiction. One of these, "Creatures of Light and Darkness", will be hosted by Dr. Andrew Rambo and myself, at 3pm on Saturday, October 16. We'll be talking about how to fill your imaginary bestiary with fantastic but believable critters. I will also be participating in a panel of Hadley Rille authors, and will confirm the day and time for that very soon.

October 28-31, World Fantasy Convention in Columbus, Ohio. Mostly, I'm going to be there enjoying the fun! But Terri-Lynne DeFino and I will also host a reading from our novels, FINDER and EOLYN, respectively. Again, I will confirm the exact day and time of the reading soon.

Okay. My time's up for this week's blog post. I hope you all have a great week. Fall is settling in in Kansas City; the air is cool and the trees are on the verge of turning. This is the start of my favorite season, and what an exciting season it promises to be.