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Sunday, June 20, 2010

On Exciting Projects, Old and New

Vacation time is drawing to a close, so I thought I'd stop in and do few things with the blog. I've made it easier now (I think) for visitors to post comments on my regular posts. I've also added a comment box to my weekly excerpts (which, as some of you may have noticed, are not truly weekly, but just more or less so).

We've had a great stay with my husband's family in Costa Rica, including a full week at Playa Hermosa in Guanacaste. Down time never ceases to be creative time for me - I suppose that's true of a lot of authors - and I came away from my rest with a lot of fun ideas for the sequel to EOLYN. Of course, I need to get my final edits done on the current work, and send it off to my editor Eric T. Reynolds, before I get too carried away with the sequel. But it's a wonderful feeling to have my mind turning around a brand new project.

Hadley Rille Books, by the way, has a brand new release: Life Without Crows, a collection fantastic short stories by Gerri Leen. Check it out!

As part of the little clean up job I'm doing on EOLYN, I've been reviewing in detail the comments I received over the past year through the online writer's workshop thenextbigwriter I know I've made a plug for these guys before, but I have to say again I'm truly grateful for all the thorough and insightful feedback from the many authors on this site. They really helped make my dream of publishing a reality.

So, I've got some fun things planned for the blog in upcoming weeks. There will be more - much more - talk about magic in Eolyn's world: Primitive Magic, Children's Magic, and the various forms of Advanced Magic, including High Magic. I also want to spend some time telling you about Eolyn's home, the Kingdom of Moisehen, and its four provinces. If I'm very lucky, weekly excerpts may even be weekly for a while. And I'm going to be in an interesting place - Las Cruces Biological Station in southern Costa Rica - so maybe I'll sneak in some anecdotes and pictures about that, too.

Thanks for stopping by. More on EOLYN soon...
Today's picture depicts the sunset in Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica.